Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starting with Brazil

This blog is a muster of things that people are afraid. Started by fears of Brazil, specifically in the Amazon, there is a small animal whose natives are very afraid. It is a fish known as "candiru" (its scientific name is Vandellia cirrhosa), which measures about 8 centimeters.

But why people are afraid of a fish of 8 centimeters? The truth is that the candiru is a parasite and it is attracted by urea, which is present in our urine. So when people swim in rivers where the "candiru" lives, it enters in the urethra of people. That same. It is very dangerous to swim without clothes in rivers where the "candiru" lives. After that it hosts the body of the victim, he need to do surgery to remove it.

It may seem legend, but it is true.

See now a video about the "candiru".