Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've been memed

These are my answers to Thaís:

I like to leave with my friends and my boyfriend and I love traveling, especially when the destination is a beach!

About my future, I will finish the course of Journalism this year and I want to get a good job!

Something interesting that has happened to me? I think being able to do two courses at the same time. It is a challenge I'm facing and that makes me happy!

I hope I have answered as you imagined.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Be afraid of global warming

On 22nd April is celebrated the Earth Day. But there isn't reason to party! Our planet is undergoing changes that I am afraid of, like global warming, that can bring serious consequences for the whole planet - including plants, animals and humans. The retention of heat in the land surface can strongly influence the system of rainfall and drought in several parts of the world, affecting plantations and forests.

Some forests may suffer process of desertification, while crops can be destroyed by melting of the ice. The result is the migration of animals and humans, scarcity of food, increasing the risk of extinction of many animal and plant species, and increase in the number of deaths from malnutrition.

Another big risk of global warming is the melting of the plates of ice of Antarctica. This melting have been happening for thousands of years by a slow natural process. But the action of man and the greenhouse effect accelerated the process and become unpredictable.

Global warming also brings climate change, which is responsible for 150 thousand deaths each year worldwide. A heat wave which hit Europe in the summer killed at least 20 thousand people. The tropical countries and the poor are the most vulnerable to such effects.

It is not enough just to be afraid. We must save the planet. Make your part and have reasons to celebrate this day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Death Cat

This beautiful cat that you see in the photo above has been called "death cat" in an asylum in the city of Providence, in the United States. According to the team that works on the place, Oscar has a strange way of showing who is about to die. He tends to be next of the patient during the last hours of life. According to doctors, he has predicted 25 deaths.

A premonition of the death cat is viewed with seriousness in the asylum, such that employees tend to notify the family when they see that Oscar is with one of the elderly who live at the place. Normally, this means that the person has less than four hours of life.

The cat is 2 years old and was adopted by employees of asylum even offspring. According to the employees, after six months living at the place, they realized that Oscar had his own round, smelling and observing the patients. Then, he sat next to people and they died a few hours later.

He is pretty nice little well, not? But I would not want he decided to sit up near me!

See video about Oscar, of CBS News:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Imagine a fight between insects...

The post today is for people who are afraid of insects. The most common phobia related to this animals is the phobia of spiders, called arachnophobia.

A curiosity that I found about diseases related to spiders is that the kind Lycosa tarantula was accused of causing a disease called "Tarantism", which threatened the city of Taranto, Italy, between centuries XV and XVII.

To cure this disease, whose symptoms were sweating, tremors, insomnia, pain, stiffness and body weakness, people believed that the patient should to dance frantically for four days. That seems joke, right? While in some places the disease became associated with madness, in other became a pretext for orgias or festivals of dance, which led to the famous "tarantela". That is, spiders may not only cause fear, but be reasons to party!

Well, but to illustrate this post I found a site that has nothing to funny. He is frightening, especially for people who are afraid of insects (include me in that classification)!

Returning to the title this post, did you imagine a fight between insects? Then, now see!

In this site you can find videos of insects of all kinds fighting! That same. Two types of insects are chosen and they are placed in the same place to fight!

I admit that many of these videos I can't see! For those who are afraid of animals like these, the feeling is that any time one of them will rising in his foot.

For the brave, go ahead!

Ah, fun with the Japanese's way of talking!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The real Taz

This post is dedicated to an animal that only has the frightening name! For who believe that the character Taz of Looney Tunes was invented, there is the inspiration. It is the Tasmanian Devil, an animal that has nothing frightening and lives in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

Like the Taz, the Tasmanian Devil eat of all! Fish, birds, frogs, reptiles, mammals and even insects. But don't worry, it don't attack humans, unless it feel threatened. Moreover, when bred in captivity, the Tasmanian Devils become very docile.

You must be asking: why these creatures so cute have the name "devil"? It is because long ago, when European settlers arrived in Tasmania, they heard terrifying noises that came from forests. Then, they gave the name to those animals of "devil". Later they discovered that they are very pleasant.

You can check this in the video below.

Visit also the site of the Boomajaril, a private rainforest property in the North West of Tasmania that protects these animals:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starting with Brazil

This blog is a muster of things that people are afraid. Started by fears of Brazil, specifically in the Amazon, there is a small animal whose natives are very afraid. It is a fish known as "candiru" (its scientific name is Vandellia cirrhosa), which measures about 8 centimeters.

But why people are afraid of a fish of 8 centimeters? The truth is that the candiru is a parasite and it is attracted by urea, which is present in our urine. So when people swim in rivers where the "candiru" lives, it enters in the urethra of people. That same. It is very dangerous to swim without clothes in rivers where the "candiru" lives. After that it hosts the body of the victim, he need to do surgery to remove it.

It may seem legend, but it is true.

See now a video about the "candiru".