Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The real Taz

This post is dedicated to an animal that only has the frightening name! For who believe that the character Taz of Looney Tunes was invented, there is the inspiration. It is the Tasmanian Devil, an animal that has nothing frightening and lives in the state of Tasmania, Australia.

Like the Taz, the Tasmanian Devil eat of all! Fish, birds, frogs, reptiles, mammals and even insects. But don't worry, it don't attack humans, unless it feel threatened. Moreover, when bred in captivity, the Tasmanian Devils become very docile.

You must be asking: why these creatures so cute have the name "devil"? It is because long ago, when European settlers arrived in Tasmania, they heard terrifying noises that came from forests. Then, they gave the name to those animals of "devil". Later they discovered that they are very pleasant.

You can check this in the video below.

Visit also the site of the Boomajaril, a private rainforest property in the North West of Tasmania that protects these animals:


Karol said...

Kakau, you're my sister, but I'll have to recognize that you are good at this!
Your blog are so interesting and well done, and you really write like a journalist (taht you are!).
It's a good work! You're so committed and creative and it shows results!
Congratulations! ^^
(What proud of my siter! =P )


Ana Maria said...

Karol is right. You´ve slowly become a good blogger. Your posts are well-planned and interesting. I hope after we finished the semester you keep this blog going because it´s really good!
I had never seen a real Tazmanian devil and it´s cuter than I imagined. The video is also very pleasant to watch and interesting to hear the Australian accent.

good job,

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Kaísa!

I told you I would be a constant reader of your blog. I've added it to my RSS reader, so every time you write something new, I'll come and read!

But first the questions (you can answer them here, I'll come back to check them): is Karol your blood sister or just a very close friend? Are you a journalist? A journalist student?

Well, I have to admit that I've always loved the character taz, I had so much fun with him, especially when he spoke that language... so funny!

I also knew that there was the real animal and that it was originally from Australia, but I thought they were very dangerous and fierce. Well, the picture you chose actually reinforces this stereotype (can we use 'stereotypes' for animals?), but through the video we can see that they are cute, and seem docile. They're also funny - there is one in the video that tries to carry many chicken wings at the same time and ends up dropping them all...


Well, thanks a lot for this great post. It's a great balance between the super scary first post (especially for guys) and this cute second post.

Please, never stop blogging, not even after you finish you English course with Ana Maria.

See you around!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Kaísa!
Thanks for visitng my blog. I've participated in the poll, and I think I have read somewhere here that your teacher is afraid of chickens...

If you have some time, visit my students' blogs at and leave comments. Don't forget to advertise your blog there!

See ya!

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey, it's cool you and Karol are sisters and study English together. Also, congratulations on graduating in journalism at the end of the year. You know, later you should think about keeping this blog and having another one in Portuguese (with a different theme), it would be a great career portfolio. Many renowned journalists have blogs.
And don't worry about mistakes, they're only real mistakes if you can't communicate. If you can say everything you want, then there are no mistakes!

Danúbia Bull said...

Dear Kaisa,
I am completely delighted with your work! You were born to blog! My brother-in-law lives in Australia and he told me that the tasmanian devil is in fact a calm animal. I would not like to have it as a et though! Anyway, I am so happy fro you for having the chance to practice your English with blogging specially because your will be a journalist ( or are u a journalist already?). Keep up your GREAT job and I will be stopping by for more! By the way, I am slo afraid of chicken! hahah

Ana Maria said...

I liked the curiosite so much because I didn't know that the tasmanian devil exit ,I thinked it was imagination and if exit I can't imagine an animal that is calm in the realite because the Looney Tunnes.

Tamires Lopes