Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Imagine a fight between insects...

The post today is for people who are afraid of insects. The most common phobia related to this animals is the phobia of spiders, called arachnophobia.

A curiosity that I found about diseases related to spiders is that the kind Lycosa tarantula was accused of causing a disease called "Tarantism", which threatened the city of Taranto, Italy, between centuries XV and XVII.

To cure this disease, whose symptoms were sweating, tremors, insomnia, pain, stiffness and body weakness, people believed that the patient should to dance frantically for four days. That seems joke, right? While in some places the disease became associated with madness, in other became a pretext for orgias or festivals of dance, which led to the famous "tarantela". That is, spiders may not only cause fear, but be reasons to party!

Well, but to illustrate this post I found a site that has nothing to funny. He is frightening, especially for people who are afraid of insects (include me in that classification)!

Returning to the title this post, did you imagine a fight between insects? Then, now see!

In this site you can find videos of insects of all kinds fighting! That same. Two types of insects are chosen and they are placed in the same place to fight!

I admit that many of these videos I can't see! For those who are afraid of animals like these, the feeling is that any time one of them will rising in his foot.

For the brave, go ahead!

Ah, fun with the Japanese's way of talking!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Good one! I think most people are afraid of spiders.

And the Japanese Bug Fight - really funny idea, but I didn't have stomach to watch a lot of it...

Great post. Congrats!

Dennis said...

Oí, Kasía.

Your post was very interesting. I think lots of people are afraid of insects—or find them disgusting. I know that I don't like spiders, and things like scorpions and that beetle with the big pincers make me shudder!

I watched the Japanese "bug fight" video, but I wouldn't want to watch any more videos like that.

I look forward to seeing even more interesting posts in your blog!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.

Dennis in Phoenix

Danúbia Bull said...

My goodness! That video is something, huh?! I once was teaching and we were reading a text about a woman who had a spider living in her ear. THere was a big picture of a spider on our book which some of my students couldn't even look at! I totally understood them once I am also afraid of spiders!

Luis Fernando said...


You've been surprising all of us with your posts!This thing of "tarantism" anda "Tarantella"is the most curious part of the post!I've been to Italy and have an Italian family but never heard that the festival waas associated with spiders!That's really interesting.
No comments about the bug war!



Luis Fernando

Ana Maria said...

Dear Kaisa,

After reading your post and having a look at the comments I didn´t have the nerves to watch the video. YOur post as always is very interesting indeed. I´m not very afraid of spiders but the big ones are frightening.