Friday, April 18, 2008

Be afraid of global warming

On 22nd April is celebrated the Earth Day. But there isn't reason to party! Our planet is undergoing changes that I am afraid of, like global warming, that can bring serious consequences for the whole planet - including plants, animals and humans. The retention of heat in the land surface can strongly influence the system of rainfall and drought in several parts of the world, affecting plantations and forests.

Some forests may suffer process of desertification, while crops can be destroyed by melting of the ice. The result is the migration of animals and humans, scarcity of food, increasing the risk of extinction of many animal and plant species, and increase in the number of deaths from malnutrition.

Another big risk of global warming is the melting of the plates of ice of Antarctica. This melting have been happening for thousands of years by a slow natural process. But the action of man and the greenhouse effect accelerated the process and become unpredictable.

Global warming also brings climate change, which is responsible for 150 thousand deaths each year worldwide. A heat wave which hit Europe in the summer killed at least 20 thousand people. The tropical countries and the poor are the most vulnerable to such effects.

It is not enough just to be afraid. We must save the planet. Make your part and have reasons to celebrate this day!


Ana Maria said...

Dear Kaisa,

Your texts are becoming better each day and your choice of words show you´ve been improving your vocabulary. What I have to say is: It´s a pleasure to be one of your blog readers and a bigger pleasure to have you as a student.

You can also participate in the celebration of earth day by leaving a voice message at


nagora said...

Dear Kaisa,

It's a good start with blogging. I loved to read your posting. You will enjoy your blogging and sharing your thoughts with everyone who visit your blog.

Stay happy!
Best wishes from Nina Lyulkun,

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That's a very appropriate post! It has everything to do with your blog's purpose.

Sibel Korkmazgil said...

Dear Kaisa,

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Yes, you're right. There are lots of things to be afraid of. But what I'm afraid of most is to be so scared to do nothing about it :)
Looking forward to your next posts especially the ones for solutions.

We need to hope, right?

Best wishes from sunny Ankara, Turkey

(an online colleagues of Ana Maria)

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Kaisa,

I loved your article, congratulations! I'm sure you are going to find lots of interesting things to blog about.

I loved the poll... but do you know what frightens me most? Bees! Can you believe it??? :-D

Mônica (Belo Horizonte)

Mary H said...

I like the opening sentence of this blog post because it really catches our attention and makes us want to keep reading. Of course, I'm afraid of global warming and the effects that environmental problems will have on our lives.
Keep up the good work,
Mary in Japan