Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Death Cat

This beautiful cat that you see in the photo above has been called "death cat" in an asylum in the city of Providence, in the United States. According to the team that works on the place, Oscar has a strange way of showing who is about to die. He tends to be next of the patient during the last hours of life. According to doctors, he has predicted 25 deaths.

A premonition of the death cat is viewed with seriousness in the asylum, such that employees tend to notify the family when they see that Oscar is with one of the elderly who live at the place. Normally, this means that the person has less than four hours of life.

The cat is 2 years old and was adopted by employees of asylum even offspring. According to the employees, after six months living at the place, they realized that Oscar had his own round, smelling and observing the patients. Then, he sat next to people and they died a few hours later.

He is pretty nice little well, not? But I would not want he decided to sit up near me!

See video about Oscar, of CBS News:


Ana Maria said...


I had already heard cats are able to feel things we don´t but this ability of predicting the ones who are about to die is amazing!!! Do you think the elderlies know about this? I would be afraid of having the cat near me.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Wow, once again, congratulations on the awesome post!
I think it raises the question of the pros and cons of knowing when you are going to die... would you like to know?

Karol said...

Hi Kakau!
What fear! It's so incredibly! It makes me think how great are the things that we - men - don't know and don't feel!
I's strange!

Congratulations for your interesting post!

rddietrich said...

This is a very interesting topic/situation. I think that the elderly person that the cat visited would be very ill to begin with and wouldn't necessarily focus on the cat. It makes this cat sound like a very compassionate creature! I LOVE cats!